Photo of a New born Baby

How to take care of yourself and your child during a photo session?

We are aware that everyone is anxious about their health as a result of the pandemic. The entire world has seen something incredibly strange and has changed its schedule as a result. We have now been fighting against COVID-19 for a full year. All of our frontline personnel are working hard to keep us safe. In the same vein, we are here to assist you in the safest manner possible so that you don’t lose out on photographing your baby’s momentous moment.

The best newborn photography in Dubai is available to help you with this difficult circumstance, which is just at your door. We have taken all necessary precautions to protect our clients’ well-being. Nearly 90% of our shootings take place indoors, and we conduct them at home. So that you may feel secure and rely on us to protect your child, we recreate a studio-like environment in our house.

We are aware that during this pandemic, giving birth to your precious angel would not have been simple. But we’re confident that you must have had tremendous physical and mental fortitude to handle it. Your baby won’t be able to sit up on its own for long, and once it can, it will be like watching a child grow up in an instant. We are here to assist you so that you don’t miss any of these priceless moments with your child. However, any parent can at times find it difficult to capture each and every one of their unique moments. And because we are aware that life hasn’t always been easy for everyone, we are only attempting to assist you by giving you the safest service possible through our photos.

Few people are participating in any newborn baby’s photo shoot so that the infant isn’t exposed to numerous people and we can keep them safer. The only people present throughout the photo shoot are our main photographer, one of his assistants, and the baby’s mother. Given this pandemic, we can certainly see how any parent could worry about their new kid.

As a result, we have always requested that everyone who visits our studio bring sanitiser with them. Additionally, a mask must be worn at all times, save when being photographed. After every shoot, we thoroughly clean every prop in our studio. We do perform routine checks on them. Additionally, before, during, and after the filming, every member of our team dons a mask and gloves.

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