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Ideas for Child Photography

Children are some of the most enjoyable subjects you’ll ever photograph. However, photographing children may sometimes feel overwhelming and even a little chaotic, especially if you’ve never done this kind of work for clients before. They bring a sense of pleasure, enthusiasm, and wide-eyed wonder to a picture session.

Request that the kid bring a prop.

It can be challenging to take child portraits, but try to picture how it would be for the children. They are in an unfamiliar setting with parents fussing over their clothing and faces being made while they are being told to smile. It truly is overwhelming!

A picture shoot can be made more enjoyable by using stuffed animals, a favourite toy, or even just a family portrait or piece of artwork. While you can of course bring your own props, they simply don’t have the same emotional resonance as a prop that holds special meaning for the child. These aid in making children feel at ease. Years from now, these props will help give the photographs you took some context, and parents will appreciate gazing back at their kids with their favourite dolls or toys even after the actual props have been consigned to an attic box.

Allow kids to be kids

Children view the world in a different way than adults. They revel in the simple things, flaunt their emotions, and follow their own rhythms. When dealing with children, I have witnessed numerous photographers throw up their hands in anger because the youngsters won’t follow instructions. Given that I am a parent myself, I can definitely sympathise. It’s enough to make you want to abandon family photography and focus on something else, like working with inanimate things.

The best advice I can provide in these circumstances is to just accept the randomness that children bring to a photo shoot. Even if it’s a little silly, weird, or out of the ordinary, let them be who they are. Don’t be afraid to get your hands or clothes dirty while taking pictures with your camera set to its high-speed continuous mode.

Showcase their uniqueness

Every child is different, and they all have different methods of expressing themselves. Encourage the children to express their uniqueness in their images as one way to make them stand out. Parents adore photos that show their children as they truly are, even if the results aren’t your personal favourites.

The moments that capture a child’s true personality, whether they are making a comical face, striking an unusual position, or simply picking their nose, frequently result in the most treasured photographs.


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