Photo of a New born Baby

Preparations for a Newbon photography session

We are a group of skilled photographers that have been offering our services in Dubai for a long time. According to our expertise, a newborn’s photo session should be done between 15 and 30 days old. But don’t worry if you can’t schedule a newborn photo session too soon; we can still get some lovely shots of it in the next two to three months. A 3-month-old baby’s photo session differs from a newborn baby’s. it may have modest alterations Only until the infant has become accustomed to donning newborn outfits can newborn photos be done. Here, the main concern is how old a newborn should be before a photo shoot.


The greatest period for newborn photography is between 15 and 30 days old.

But before organising your newborn photo session, I urge all of my clients to take into account the following factors.


 Seek Advice From Your Newborn Pediatrician

Before the photo shoot, you should speak with your baby’s paediatrician. Only your doctor can determine whether your newborn is well enough for a photo shoot. Before starting a picture session, it’s crucial to have your newborn baby go through a basic health checkup. Although we will take all essential precautions, it is strongly advised that you speak with your doctor to ensure the newborn’s health.


Consult a gynaecologist.

With the assistance of our crew members, the mother of the infant is mostly caring for the child.

Therefore, the mother’s emotional and physical health is equally crucial. Before making an appointment with our team, it is advisable to speak with your gynaecologist. However, it is not mandatory to see a gynaecologist before a baby photo shoot.


Coordinate With Your Partner

The attendance of both parents during the photo shoot is crucial. You two can make it a special day, which can make the child pleased the entire session. Therefore, the first thing to do before scheduling our team is to see if your spouse is available. If you intend to invite members of your extended family as well, you must verify their availability.

The best photographer in Dubai

Consult your photographer.

We are a group of skilled and professional photographers.  For the past several years, we have specialised in newborn photography.  We are taking all required safety measures to ensure that everyone present in the shooting area is secure.

Therefore, get in touch with your expert photographer and explain your particular situation. They will be able to direct you toward this priceless moment.  We are recognized as one of the best newborn photography in Dubai, and our portfolio is distinctive.



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